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Online Smoked Paprika

Online Smoked Paprika


Smoked Paprika, it’s a classic in your spice cupboard, maybe an absolute must have, particularly on any healthy eating plan.  You can also use smoked paprika in any dish that calls for regular sweet paprika. Deviled eggs are a classic.

Dry rubs. Paprika is one of the most popular ingredients in dry rubs for meats that are to be grilled or roasted.

is great with anything roast - love it with chicken, potatoes, tomatoes... also with things that make me think 'cook over fire' - like ribs, salmon, paella, etc. Great with eggs - especially in a Spanish tortilla, and also with simply sauteed shrimp, with lots of healthy garlic and bread to sop it all up. Spanish people refer to smoked paprika as pimenton and one of its most popular uses is in paella, the classic...

Suitable for Vegetarians


Ingredients: Allergens in Capitals

Paprika (Smoked)

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