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Lemon Pepper in its most basic form, lemon pepper is simply a combination of two popular flavouring agents: lemon and black pepper. It is fat and carbohydrate free: The ingredients that make up lemon pepper provide 0 calories from fat or carbohydrates in each 1-teaspoon serving. Lemon pepper is a great way to flavour your food without adding fat or carbs.

Lemon pepper has long been used as a flavouring for fish. It can be sprinkled onto salmon before grilling or used to make a compound butter for lobster or other seafood. It is also popular for use on pasta and on chicken wings. Lemon pepper wings have become a staple in the southern United States, especially in the city of Atlanta.

Suitable for Vegetarians


Ingredients: Allergens in Capitals

Black Pepper, Lemon Peel and Citric Acid

Packed on suppliers premises that handles NUTS, PEANUTS, CEREALS, and products containing GLUTEN

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