Postal Services

A wee reminder about our postal & delivery service.

We endeavour to get your orders to you as soon as possible after they’ve been placed. Once your order has been fulfilled by us, you’ll receive an automatic email informing you, your order is dispatched.

UK dispatch information

Orders are picked up daily by Whistl Postal Service. They sort & dispatch mail to Royal Mail.  This is done the day after collection from us.

From then on our packages are then sent to whatever parts of the UK they are intended for. Some of our packages are delivered as quick as two days after leaving us. Others can take a while longer.

On average it’s around 5 or 6 days. If your order does not reach you in this time can you please let us know asap after this time. The quicker you let us know. The quicker we can resolve it. It’s easier to contact us via email, to get any problems resolved. Posts about deliveries on social media, sometimes do not get seen right away so slow things down. We’d never discuss customers or their orders on social media. So we’d appreciate it if the customer would do the same with us.

If by some chance a postal service had lost your package. We send a replacement ASAP. We’ve sent out over 15,000 orders to date, not a single one, has not been received by the intended customer. Thank you to all of you who’ve ordered, waited & received their orders.


ROI dispatch information

Your orders are now picked up by Whistl, the next morning they are taken to Dundalk to the An Post sorting office. An Post then take over & and distribute it in their normal way. We do however have a tracking system with An Post mail. So as above if you don’t receive your order within the time scale you can contact us and we should be able to tell you exactly where your package is.

We are a small growing business who rely on your support. And like any business we are always looking to improve and give the best service we can to you, our customers.

Tony Danielle & Co Ltd.