Tony’s Kitchens was founded in 2014 by Tony Martin after he had joined one of the country’s most popular & best known diet/slimming clubs, namely Slimming world.

Tony quickly embraced their cooking style into his life. He’d always had a passion for cooking and experimenting with foods, and so their ways became a challenge to him. It started with taster nights at his local group; he would bring in foods that were what slimming world called “syn free” but looked exciting & naughty. Tony, who was also very well known around town as a local DJ, started to lose weight very quickly; six stone in the first twelve months.

A temporary Tony’s Kitchens was opened in his home town to try the new way of cooking and see how this way of using no oils, baking chips instead of frying, removing all visible fats and using minced meats that contained no more than 5% fat would work for serving the public.

It took a lot of experimenting, as well as much trial and error to come up with a successful formula. In fact, a couple of them are still talked about on social media and are affectionately known as “Tony’s Chips” & “Tony’s Curry”.

Tony also built up a following on Facebook of over 60,000 in roughly six months, (this figure continually rises at a rate of approx. 2,000 per week), not to mention his following on Instagram and his now famous “Fried egg video” and many other videos on his YouTube channel Tony’s Kitchens.

Now, as a target member of Slimming World, the crusade to find new ways of making and cooking healthy foods continues with Tony’s Kitchens. A small factory unit has been set up in Enniskillen to produce and sell the foods that Tony consumed to reach his target. We understand that not everyone has time to prepare healthy meals and this leads to their weight loss downfall. So we are here to help whoever you are in whatever way we can.

We’ve already been approached about selling a franchise of Tony’s kitchens to open in the south of England. At the moment suggestions like this are only ideas on a table. As time goes on we are striving to make Tony’s Kitchens' foods a well-known, healthy option brand. Coupled with the fact Tony already has a healthy option cook book in the early production stages, the future's starting to look healthy. As our motto states, “if you plan you can!”