Online Chicken Bouillon
Online Chicken Bouillon

Online Chicken Bouillon


Chicken Bouillon, where would your chicken soup be without a little bouillon. your imagination can have a field day with this product. A guilt-free ingredient for any food plan in the world of health and slimming. Simple and quick to prepare.

 gluten free dehydrated bouillon powders that can be used at any stage of the cooking process to boost flavour or act as a base. The dehydrated format means it produces a less greasy product, and makes for a high yield, basically the same ingredients as a stock cube but more versatile.

Gluten free and virtually fat and saturated fat free. High quality with a smooth and glossy appearance. Suitable for preparing soups and in cooking pasta or rice. Perfect for gravies, stews.


Ingredients: Allergens in Capitals

Flavour Enhancer (Monosodium Glutamate), Starch, Salt, Chicken Fat (2.5%), Yeast Extract,
Chicken Meat (1.6%), Turmeric, Onion

Packed on suppliers premises that handles NUTS, PEANUTS, CEREALS, and products containing GLUTEN

NB: Product prices are introductory offers and will be subject to change

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