Online Tomato Powder
Online Tomato Powder

Online Tomato Powder


Tomato Powder is pretty self-explanatory. As the name suggests, it is simply tomatoes made into a powder by dehydrating and then grinding them. It can then be rehydrated or used in powder form in many different ways. The powder can be stored for far longer than a ripe tomato and takes up much less space. It allows you to use every part of the tomato, no matter what stage of ripeness it is in, which is why it is becoming popular among those looking for economical food ideas. There are as many ways to use tomato powder as there are to use fresh tomatoes, maybe even more. You can use it as you would use tomatoes in sauces and soups. Try using it in healthy pizza or spaghetti sauce. Sub it in for tomatoes in ketchup or BBQ sauce. Sprinkle it on foods for a little zing. It also acts as a good flavourful thickener for soups.

Using your imagination, the list of uses is never ending, a few ideas for you. Sprinkle it on scrambled eggs, Add it to a vinaigrette, Add it to warm water or milk to create tomato soup, Mix with parmesan cheese for a popcorn topper, Boost a Bloody Mary with a dash of it, Mix with mayonnaise for a sandwich spread or create a yummy dip by mixing with cream cheese and herbs.

Suitable for Vegetarians


Ingredients: Allergens in Capitals


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